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Purging unit for filter cartridges M-AIR-217-1400


Innovative and economical purging unit for filter cartridges

Filter cartridges are installed in many vehicles (excavators, dumpers, wheel loaders, bulldozers, trucks, etc.). Filter cartridges filter the combustion air of the engine or the air for the driver‘s cab.

These vehicles are used in the following environments: quarries, stone crushing works, gravel plants, open-cast mining, deep mining, cement works, concrete factories, gypsum plants, smelting works,… even agricultural and haulage vehicles, etc.

Filter cartridges are also installed in industrial plants (filter systems, extraction systems, etc.) in a wide range of industrial sectors.

Due to the dusty environment, the filter cartridges become contaminated and must be replaced regularly. It is more economical to clean the filter cartridges professionally, automatically and without damaging the material.