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Cleaning system for filter cartridges M-AIR-1508


An innovative and cost-effective cleaning system for filter cartridges

Various types of vehicles (diggers, dumper trucks, earth movers, bulldozers, trucks etc.) are equipped with filter cartridges to provide clean air for the combustion engine or the driver‘s cab.

Those vehicles operate often in environments with high dust concentration such as: quarries, ballast or gravel pits, open-cast mining, underground mining, cement works, concrete factories, gypsum plants, smelting works, and others. The same applies to vehicles used in agriculture, in forwarding agencies, in industry etc.

Due to the dusty environment, the filter cartridges become contaminated and must be replaced regularly. An effective, practical and material-friendly system for cleaning the filter cartridges therefore makes economic sense. Naturally, the system can also be used to clean rectangular filter cassettes or flexible filter materials.